Getting a Gym Buddy – The Considerations You Must Take! Is It Really Worth It?

Considerations having a gym buddy

Should I get a gym buddy or just workout for myself? It is a question a lot of guys are asking themselves when working out in a gym. Me personally I prefer to train by myself and at my own page. However, I do really see a lot of benefits from having a workout partner.

Before getting a partner, I do believe that there are a couple of considerations you have to clear out first. Afterall, your main purpose of going to the gym is about you, building lean muscles, getting stronger, improving your endurance.

Whatever your goals are, training with a gym buddy should still fit into them, without too many compromises.

Be Confident Working Out By Yourself First

Before you get yourself a workout buddy, you got to have enough confidence and motivation yourself going to the gym. You got to be able to do your training without feeling awkward about it.

When you can do that, and love it, you can consider getting a workout buddy.

Have Your Own Goals Planned

Before getting started training with a workout buddy, it is also recommended that you know exactly what your goals is and that you can stick to them without compromising.

Let’s say you want to get bigger and stronger, but your training partner is more into endurance and conditioning? Then you guys training together might not be the same option.

However, you can still hit the gym at the same time, to help each other out with spotting, etc. But following the same routine and one of you will get disappointed.

Have a Backup Plan If Your Gym Buddy Fail on You

There can be many different reasons why your gym buddy stops working out. But most important is that you have a backup plan ready if he quits. That plan should be about how you are going to continue working out without your partner.

It is so sad to see guys getting great results suddenly stop because of their gym buddy, don’t be one of them. Also, watch out for former workout partners who try to sabotage your continues workout because they get jealous of you.

Make Sure Your Partnership Does Not Become a Social Club

Maintaining a high intensity can be a problem when working out together, especially if two one partner becomes two or three. There will simply be too much waiting time in between your sets, making your workout inefficient.

So make sure your training sessions does not become a social club spending too much time talking and mingling.

Especially in the beginning, it is essential that you put some focus on your intensity and keep it high.

You Have to Accept That Your Gym Buddy Might Get Faster Results Than You

When starting out with a buddy, it can be hard to tell who of you is going to progress the fastest. It is essential to be able to swallow your own pride because your buddy might get results faster than you.

Make sure it does not become a stupid competition, but that you motivate each other.

Keep in mind that despite getting the best results using the same type of workout. Your diet and supplementation often have to be different.

Often if you lack results compared to your partner, it is when it comes to your diet and supplements you should make the changes.

For example, use the Crazy Bulk D-Bal supplement to increase your testosterone levels and muscle building. Make sure to complement a protein-rich diet.

Have the Guts to Say Stop If It Doesn’t Work For You

Going to the gym to build lean muscles, strength, but also to improve your endurance and performance is a very selfish sport. It is all about you and how you can improve. It is you against your own mind. That’s how it is, and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that.

Having that painted out clearly, it is also essential that you can walk away from a deal if you are not getting what you expected. You got to have the guts to say stop to your workout buddy if it does not work out for you.

Don’t Destroy Your Friendship

There are many broken friendships around, just because guys couldn’t figure out how to train together. If you and your best friend are about to become workout buddies, make sure that you agree upon that no matter what, it should never destroy your friendship.

So often guys are starting out to train together, and then suddenly they stop because one of them got busy doing something else. When that happens to you, it is essential that you have the motivation to keep going to the gym by yourself.

Consider Getting a Mentor Instead of a Workout Buddy

An alternative route to go is to get a mentor instead of a workout buddy. It is typically a guy, with a lot of experience that you can learn. For you who are relatively inexperienced or want to compete or reach a higher level, it is a great way to develop you as a muscle builder.

However, you probably have to agree to, that you are the done who are getting the weights prepared for the lifts, the one who gets water and all the other stuff.

Many of the great athletes, musicians, and actors in time did not get that far without having a mentor.

The Benefits Having a Gym Buddy

When you have cleared out all these considerations with a potential workout buddy, there is a lot of benefits getting.

First and foremost you are suddenly starting to become accountable for keeping your appointments and going to the gym. It can give you a better structure of your continuity going to the gym.

Another great benefit you will get is to have someone pushing you during your training. Having someone scream at you often gives you an extra 20% lifting the weights.

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