How to Get Bigger Legs – Best Exercises and Workout To Do

how to get bigger legs fast - best exercises for legsRecently one of the younger guys came over to me at my local gym and told me with proudness in his voice that he was finally ready to get started to get bigger legs, and not only focus on the upper body as so many guys are doing in the gym.

He decided that he wanted to train his legs three times a week because he believed that this was the forward. So after that, I decided to write an article on how to get bigger legs, because for sure there are a lot of guys out there who believe that the way to get bigger legs is by training your legs more often.

This approach to building bigger legs is way far from the truth. You might end up over-training, get injured and start to lose some of your muscle mass. Training your legs that often is not the way forward.

The Way Forward to Get Bigger Legs

When you want to have more significant legs training them more often is not the way to get them bigger. Instead, you should be focusing on what type of exercising you’re are doing and your diet. These are the two critical issues when you want to get bigger legs.

Preferably the frequency of your getting bigger legs workouts should occur between 5 and seven days. It will give your quads and hamstrings the rest they need to grow and get stronger.

Your Bigger Legs Workout

When you set yourselves up for your workout to get more prominent legs, it is essential that you give your 200% and get turned on and ready to hit it hard. Be a little aggressive, boost yourselves up, this will help you to release a cocktail of hormones that will help you to get bigger legs.

If you are doing your legs workout correctly, they will feel harder to do than training the rest of your body. If you can barely walk off out the gym afterward, you have done a great job.

The Exercises for Legs You Should Be Doing

Everything basic is good when it comes to exercises for legs. Forget about machines like the adductor and abductor machines where you are squeezing your legs in and out. They are a waste of time and will only benefit girls doing horseback riding.

Instead, you should be focusing on the best exercises for legs, the heavy lifting the real gym stuff.

Leg Extensions

I use this exercise as a warm-up and to fill up my quads with some blood to push them harder in my workout. Leg extensions is an exercise machine that can hurt your knees if you are not doing it correctly. Therefore I just use for warm up. It is very limited what results this device has given me in the past when it comes to bigger legs.

Legs Curls

Again this machine I only use as a warm-up off my hamstrings. I believe it’s a waste of time to use it to get bigger legs. You will smash your bag before getting there. Lying leg curls is the best option. But if you have any lower back issues or problems with your sciatic nerve, you can do them sitting as well.


Now we are getting ready for the real stuff. Squats are among the best leg exercises you can do for your legs overall, not only quads.

To get some good results with Squads, you need to do this exercise correctly. Way too many guys do not drop down far enough, which means they are not getting the last juice of this exercise that will give you real muscle growth.

In the video below you will see an example on how to do squats correctly. If you are more flexible, you will be able to go further down which will benefit your muscle growth.

As a newbie, it is ok if you are not able to do it in the beginning because it demands a lot of technique as well. But this should be your end goal.

If you are not able to go that low, you should take some of the weight off, and spend some time on perfecting your technique and your range of motion.

Dead Lifts

Another great muscle builder, not only for your legs but your whole body. Deadlifts will give your hamstrings a nice round sweep if done correctly.

Rule number one when you want to have bigger legs and are doing deadlifts is that you need to keep your back straight the whole way when you bent your knees. Rounding your back because you have put to much weight off will get you injured and is not the way forward to do deadlifts.

Also, make sure that your body is in a symmetrical position and your feet are pointing straight. A lot of us have a slightly rotated hip that makes our left or right foot point out to the side. You need to adjust this before you make your life.

Get bigger legs - Deadlifts

Romanian Deadlifts

Alternatively to deadlifts,  you can do Romanian deadlifts they will work your hamstrings better which is important to keep your front and back legs in balance. In this article Romanian Deadlift vs Standard Deadlift [Comprehensive Guide] you will get a complete overlooked on how both are performed and what muscles they are targeting. Worth to take into consideration if you are serious about your leg workouts.


It is one of the most hated leg exercises but at the same time one of the best exercises for legs because it will help you to get some separation in your quad muscles. It is hard to do because there is a high level of cardio involved making lunges.

You can make lunges in a couple of different ways, most popular are walking lunges, in the Smith Machine, standing with dumbbells or with a barbell on your back.

I like to make lunges with a barbell on my back because it is a great way to engage my abdominals as well when you hold your body straight.

Doing this exercise, you need to be sure that you go down to a point where your knee almost touches the ground. When you push yourself up again make sure all the power comes from your legs and not your lower back, else the weight is too heavy.

Leg Presses

This exercise is not as powerful as the other legs exercises we have talked about. I like to use it as one of my last exercises to squeeze the final power out of my legs. I would not do this exercise for the best because I do believe the best leg workout is done doing the other exercises we mentioned before first.

Some are putting a lot of efforts into this exercise. Stacking it up with weight plates and put their girlfriend on top of the machine. Then they are only able to pull their legs to a 15-degree angle, hmmm. It is not the right way to do this exercises. You need to be able to bend your legs, so your knees almost touch your chest and the give it a good push.


Calves are probably the most stubborn muscle of all. It can take years to develop this muscle. Often it can be a good idea to separate you’re calve training from the rest of your leg workout to give them more attention.

One way to do this is by training calves with some upper body muscles once a week.

Here can either 2 or 3 different exercises. Most of the gyms out there only provide equipment for sitting and standing calves. Donkey calves is a really great exercise for calves. Here you keep your legs straight and bend your upper body at a 45-degree angle. To do this the best way you will need the donkey calf machine.

If you are living close to a beach or sand, a great way to train calves is to walk barefooted in the sand for 30 to 45 minutes once a week. It is a great way to prepare your calves.

How to Get Bigger Legs Fast

To get bigger legs fast, there are a couple of issues you need to be sure to fix.

Your Diet

On leg days it will help you to get bigger legs fast if you are eating more carbohydrates than on regular training days. They should mainly come from brown rice or potatoes. Doing that will help you to synergize more proteins and nutrients out to the muscles.

Using No2 Supplements

Another great way to get your legs bigger faster is by using a supplement like Nitric Alpha No2 that comes with a unique No2 matrix complex.

Studies have shown that using a No2 complex with your workouts can give you up to 25% more strength and endurance. It will also improve your protein uptake into your muscles and make it easier to build muscles.

You will need to push your legs harder to make them grow faster.

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Using an All Natural Testosterone Booster

We are not talking steroids here but an all natural way to boost your levels of testosterone. The more testosterone you have in your body, the easier it will be for your body to build more muscle mass faster. It includes your leg workouts as well.

Alpha Muscle Complex is an all natural testosterone booster you should check out in this article Alpha Muscle Complex – Can This Supplement Boost Testosterone Levels?

Conclusion On Building Bigger Legs

So if you want to get bigger legs, you really do not need to do a lot of different exercises. You should more be focusing on lifting heavy and correctly using the best exercises for legs that we have mentioned in this article.

And remember only to do your leg ever 5 or 7 days, they will need the rest when you hit them that hard. It is more important that you put some more focus on your diet. Your muscle building diet for bigger will be next topic we will write about.

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