BPI Sports Protein – Best, Whey, ISO HD or Bulk Muscle! Which One to Choose?

Do you want to feed your muscle with the best possible protein supplement? If yes, then you must take a closer look at BPI Sports Protein like Whey HD, ISO HD, Bulk Muscle, and Best Protein!

Here is a line of protein supplements that will suit your needs no matter what sport you are doing and what your goals are.

Which Bpi Sports Protein Supplement to choose?

BPI Sports Proteins will help you to gain muscles, make you stronger and help you to improve your endurance and athletic performance. Making it easier for you to reach your edge and stand out.

Also, people who want to lose weight can benefit a lot from using BPI Sports Protein, simply because it will make you feel full and satisfied and tastes excellent.

Why Choose BPI Sports As Your Preferred Whey Protein Supplement Dealer?

Do you know where your protein supplement comes from? BPI Sports do!

Their Whey protein ingredients are coming from cows living on dairy farms in Wisconsin, are being grassed, living in harmony. Yes, these cows even have their own names.

Quality is vital when it comes to protein supplements, and it does make a huge difference in the outcome, where the cows are coming from and how they live.

It is no secret that many protein manufacturers get their ingredients made somewhere in Asia. But how can you know it is good quality and 100% genuine? You cannot!

BPI Sports headquarter is in Florida, but their ingredients are made in Wisconsin in the United States. To ensure that their protein supplements are the best possible quality, they are using ChromaDex® an independent laboratory to verify their products.

The BPI Sports Protein Product Line

When it comes to protein supplements, BPI Sports consist of 4 different protein supplements that each have their own protein type and serve different purposes.

To get the best out of your BPI Sports whey protein supplement, it is essential that you choose the right one according to your sport and your goals.

In the following we are going to help you make the right decision, so let’s get started.

BPI Sports Bulk Muscle

Bulk Muscle Mass Gainer

Bpi Sports Bulk Muscle protein supplement is a mass gainer and is the perfect choice for guys with a high metabolism, having difficulties to pack on serious gains of muscle mass.

It is also perfect for you, who want to achieve some massive gains in a short period. But here you got to be careful because you may end up with more body fat if you don’t monitor your fat level.

With Bulk Muscle, you are getting a total of 625 calories in each serving including 53 grams of proteins. You are going to get 85 grams and only 6 grams of sugar which are perfect because you don’t want any carbohydrates being turned into body fat.

The best time to take Bulk Muscle is right after your workout where your muscles need nutrients for recovery. You can also take a scoop or two in the mornings together with your breakfast if you are a more serious hard gainer. As a night time snack, we recommend you using BPI Sports Whey HD instead since you don’t need the extra carbohydrates before bedtime.

Benefits Using Bulk Muscle

  • Massive muscle and strength gains
  • Weight gain if you are skinny
  • Good for improvement of endurance

Who Is It For?

For hard gainers and guys who are having difficulties to gain weight in the form of muscle mass. Bulk Muscle is also right for bodybuilders and their bulking, and weightlifters who want to pack on muscle mass and endurance.


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BPI Sports Whey HD

Whey HD Protein Supplement

BPI Sports Whey HD is the perfect whey protein supplement for those of you who want to build lean muscles and at the same want to get rid of body fat. It contains minimum fat and sugars but is still able to give you delicious flavors, almost like eating candy.
The best way to use Whey HD is straight after your workout so you can kick-start your recovery and as a snack before bedtime. Then your muscles will have plenty of amino acids available for your muscle recovery during the night.
Remember you can both use skimmed milk or water and it dissolves quickly and leaves no clumps.

Benefits Using Whey HD

  • Good for muscle building and strength
  • To be a part of a weight loss program
  • Can be used as a meal replacement
  • Easy to digest

Who Is It Good For?

Why HD is useful for guys, who are going to the gym 3 to 6 times a week, to get rid of body fat and to build lean muscles and strength. Also endurance athletes, like fighters, bike rides will benefit from using Whey HD.

Whey HD Price

As little as $29.99 for 1.7 lbs and $60.99 for 4 pounds. Get additional 40% off by using “PROTEINUP” at check out.

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ISO HD High Quality Protein Supplement

ISO HD is the perfect protein muscle builder to use if you believe in the science of isolates and hydrolyzed proteins.

Isolates are a much purer form of protein where all non-amino acids have been removed. What is left is a protein that is almost 100% pure protein with very little fat and carbohydrates. A regular Whey protein is often 80% protein and 20% divided into fats, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.

Hydrolates takes it a step further because here the proteins have been broken down by being exposed to heat. It gives you an even faster uptake of amino acids into your muscles. But honestly, you will not know the difference.

ISO HD is around $10 bucks more expensive than Whey HD. I do not believe it is worth paying extra for isolates and hydrolyzed proteins. An excellent robust Whey Protein concentrate like Whey HD will do just as good a job and make you save $10 bucks.

Iso HD Benefits

  • Very fast absorption into your muscles
  • Lean muscle growth
  • Also good for muscle recovery

Who Is It For?

ISO HD is both for muscle builders, lose weight guys, fighters, and athletes who are more serious about their macro and micronutrient intake.

Price for ISO HD

Currently, you can get ISO HD for $38.99 including 23 servings and $57.99 for 63 servings. Get extra 40% Off use coupon code “PROTEINUP” at check out.

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BPI Sports Best Protein

Best Protein High Value and Quality

Finally, we have Best Protein which is the one to choose if you want to combine quality with value. It is a little cheaper than then ISO HD but not as cheap as the Whey HD. So it is a protein supplement in between those two.

Here you are getting a high quality 100% Whey Protein containing both isolates and hydrolyzed proteins but not entirely as pure as ISO HD. Instead, the ingredients have been thru a cold tempered micro-filtration process to ensure you are getting pure proteins without loss of any micro-nutrients.

For best results! Take two scoops right after your workouts. You can take another serving either together with your breakfast or as a night time snack.

The Benefits Using BPI Sports Best Protein

  • You will get the best combination of value and quality
  • Top quality 100% Whey Protein
  • Help to build lean muscle and strength
  • Great for recovery and endurance

Who is Best Protein Good For?

Best Protein is for those of you, who want better quality than a regular concentrated whey protein but don’t want to pay too much for it.

The Price for Best Protein

Currently, you can get Best Protein for $35.99 for 2 lbs and $68.99 for 5 pounds. Get extra 42% Off just use “PROTEIN42” at check out.

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Which BPI Sports Protein To Choose?

Which BPI protein should I choose for my workouts? It all depends on your current condition and your future goals.

Let’s split it up and make it a lot easier to decide.

For Guys Who Want to Build Massive Size and Strength!

Bulk Muscle!

There is no doubt! Here Bulk Muscle is your best choice. Having two scoops will give you 53 grams of proteins and 86 grams of carbohydrates, just what you need to get bigger. Remember, when you want to build mass proteins alone will not do it. You need to combine proteins with carbohydrates, and here Bulk Muscle is a recommended mas gainer.

If You Want to Build Lean Muscles and Get Rid of Body Fat

Best Protein!

It only contains 120 calories where Whey HD and ISO, include 150 and 130 calories. But it doesn’t really matter that much.

Getting two scoops after your workout is the perfect dosage when you want to feed your muscles with the proteins they need for recovery.

When You Want to Build Lean Muscles and Are Looking For a Meal Replacement

Whey HD!

If you are looking for a Whey Protein that can act a little as a meal replacement, then Whey HD is your best choice. It comes with little extra fat and carbohydrates compared to Best Protein, and ISO HD, but without going overboard like Bulk Muscle.

With that being said, it is important to stress out that Whey HD is categorized as a muscle building supplement and not a meal replacement supplement. The nutrient mixture is not correct enough.

If You Want to Improve Your Athletic Performance


Because getting to the edge of split seconds, you have to tailor your macro and micro-nutrients and ISO HD can help you with that.

When You Want to Improve Your Endurance

Bulk Muscle or Whey HD

Bulk Muscle if weight is not a concern, like weightlifters and bodybuilders. But Choose Whey HD if weight is a concern for Fighters or sprinters.

When You Only Want the Best Quality


ISO HD is the protein supplement of the highest quality because it consists of isolated and hydrolyzed proteins.

Yes, you get better quality when it comes to the ingredients. But still, I do not believe that equals better results.

When You Just Want a Low-Cost Whey Protein Supplement

Whey HD and Best Protein Are in a Tight Race!

Both are very cost-effective, Whey HD $29.99 for 1.7 lbs and Best Protein for $35.99 for 2 pounds.

If you are a big consumer of whey protein supplements, go for Best Protein because you can get a 5 lbs container for $68.99. Where Whey HD only are being sold up to 4 lbs.

If you are into Keto diets and want to use a good Keto protein powder, along with your diet, then check out this article Getting The Best Keto Friendly Protein Powder – What You Need To Know. Here you will learn more about the best protein supplements for Keto dieting, and how you can save some money.

What Are BPI Sports Users Saying In Their Testimonials?

Let’s have a closer look at what one of the users of BPI Sports protein supplements is saying!

Let’s also have a look to see what the trainer is saying!


BPI Sports Protein Review Summary

There is no doubt that proteins are the essential supplements in muscle building and many other sports. A Good Whey Protein should be the backbone of every athlete’s supplementation.

When you want to build quality muscle, you should use a high-quality protein supplement to do so. Here BPI Sport is highly recommended because they use the best ingredients for their product line. Why spend money on a protein supplement where you don’t know the origin of the elements when you can get high-quality protein from a dairy farm in Wisconsin?

Let’s have a look at our verdict.

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How to Buy BPI Sports Protein

If you want to buy BPI Sports Protein the best you can do is to head over to their official store where you can buy BPI Sports protein at discounted prices. Use this code “PROTEIN42” at check out and get 42% Off regular price.

They are also offering free shipping if you spend more than $49 and 30 day free returns if you don’t like the product.

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Bpi Sports Protein