Getting The Best Keto Friendly Protein Powder – What You Need To Know

How to get the best Keto friendly and approved protein powder

Are you looking for Keto Friendly Protein Powder to help you lose weight or getting ripped?

Before you run out to buy a high-priced keto protein powder you believe is a “real” Keto protein supplement, you might want to read this!

When buying there are a couple of things you should know about purchasing protein powders for your Keto diet.

No reason To Pay Overprice

There is no reason why you should pay USD 50 for a can of proteins that only contains 300 grams. There is no specific Keto approved protein powder that will be better than other protein supplements.

They want you to believe you must pay a high price for your Keto protein powder. You can get just as much or even better quality for your money, by buying a less expensive protein supplement.

Just make sure your protein supplement comes from a recognized brand and is of high quality.

Keto Approved Protein Powder

So, how do you know if your protein powder is Keto Approved or not?

The thing is, you don’t!

There are no standards or benchmarks a protein supplement has to live up to to be Keto Approved. To make sure you are getting a protein supplement that is Keto Approved, you must choose a recognized brand and a quality supplement.

It doesn’t have to have “Keto: written all over it.

Choose a Recognized Brand

Choosing a recognized brand with years of experience behind them is often a better choice, than a Keto protein brand that was launched a year ago. Why? Because these guys know what they are doing speaking of ingredients!

So, be careful because there are protein supplements available that market themselves as Keto approved protein powder, but it is more a marketing gimmick.

Often these products prices around $40 – USD 50 for around 300 grams, which is my opinion is way too much for a protein supplement. A can of protein powder only containing 300 grams will not get you far.

Best Protein Shake For Keto Diet – Alternatives

For comparison, you can get a high-quality protein supplement like Nature’s Best Zero Carb Isopure, one of the most recognized and respected brands for around USD 50 for 3 lbs. You can also buy Isopure in Bulk and get 7.5 LBS for about USD 115.99.

If the price is still too an issue, then go for BPI Sports Best Whey for around USD 30 for 1.7 LBS.

Both come with more ingredients suited for a Keto Diet than many as the supplements marketed as a Keto Approved protein powder.

Many Keto protein supplement manufacturers do not have a year-long knowledge and experience in producing protein powders.

Recognized brands like Optimum Whey, Nature’s Best, and BPI Sports has that knowledge and will, therefore, produce the best Keto protein powder. We will get back them in a moment.

Is It Really Possible Creating Ketosis Using Keto Protein Powder?

It is actually easier creating ketosis in your body if you take a protein supplement once or twice daily. It can be after a workout or before bedtime as a night time snack.

Using a good protein powder will make it easier to get your keto diet nutrition ratio just right. It has to be as close as possible to these numbers.

  • Carbohydrates 5%
  • Fat 70 %
  • Protein 25%

Since you have to consume a lot of fat with your keto diet, having a protein shake once or twice daily, kind of lightens up your meals, so it is not all about consuming fat.

Another get benefit from using protein powder with your Keto diet is that it will make it easier to stay in the Ketonic state where you are losing weight. You will not cycle in and out of it, because you have difficulties keeping your carbohydrate intake low.

Also, having a protein shake can feel like having a big glass of chocolate milk. It will eliminate your cravings for carbs and fool you bain to believe you are getting plenty of carbohydrates.

For many dieters going on a keto diet, using a protein supplement makes their whole experience much better and more natural. For some, it is like getting that snack; you crave so much when dieting. And it does make it easier to keep your nutrition ratio right.

Best Protein Powder For Keto Diet

So what is the best protein powder for keto Diet? It all depends on a couple of factors that varies from person to person!

Do you prefer Whey Protein coming from grass-fed cows? Do you want the best quality? Are you a Vegetarian? Or do you just want as much high-quality protein as possible for the lowest price? Let’s have a closer look at some of my all-time favorite protein shakes for Keto diet.

Best Keto Protein Powder Coming From Grass Fed Cows?

Whey HD Protein Supplement

BPI Sports Whey HD – Is my preferred choice when it comes to best protein powder for keto diet coming from grass-fed cows. This company even knows the names of the cows who live in Wisconsin under very nice conditions and all access to all the fresh grass they want.

As a result of that, you are getting a high-quality protein supplement with the best ingredients that taste delicious, dissolves quickly. You can rest assured that the cows producing the whey in your protein shake are living the good life.

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Also, check out our article BPI Sports Protein – Best, Whey, ISO HD or Bulk Muscle! Which One to Choose? To learn a lot more about BPI Sports protein supplements.

Best Protein Shake For Keto Of The Highest Quality?

Isopure probably the best protein powder, ever

Nature’s Best Zero Carb Isopure – There is nothing that beat Isopure when it comes to quality! It is a brand that has been around for a long time, and Nature’s Best know what they are doing speaking of combining the ingredients and creating the best Keto protein powder.

It consists of Hydrolyzed proteins which are broken down into its component amino acids and where all non-amino acids are removed.

Because of the process in which Isopure and the Hydrolyzed protein are broken down with heat, you can expect a much faster and efficient uptake of proteins into your body. It is just what you need during the day when you are looking for a snack to curb those carb cravings.

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Best Keto Diet Protein Powder For Vegetarians

Being a vegetarian, or just don’t want to deal with cow milk, shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying all the benefits a high protein supplement can give you. Here you just have to stay away from Whey and Casein proteins which both come from cow milk.

Choosing a Keto diet protein powder for vegetarians is also a great option if you are having issues with allergies.

When choosing a vegetarian protein powder for your Keto diet, you do have to be careful. Many vegetarian protein supplements do contain Whey protein coming from cow milk and not plants. Instead look out for protein powders containing Soy or Pea.

Perfect protein for vegetarians

Now Sports Pea Protein – Is a good choice here! You will get 24 grams of Isolate protein in each scoop, and you can mix it with your preferred beverage. It is a good option if you somehow are sensible to other protein supplements and it is excellent for Keto!

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Best Keto Diet Protein Powder For Vegans

Are you a Vegan who want to enjoy the many benefits a Keto diet Vegan protein supplement can give you? No problem!

Vegan Protein from Bodylogix

Check out Bodylogix Vegan Protein – It is an award-winning protein supplement containing proteins from sources such as Pea and whole grain brown rice protein. On top of that, it is loaded with BCAA and gluten-free and is perfect as a Keto protein powder.

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Best Keto Friendly Protein Powder When Buying In Bulk

Ok, so you are into this for the long haul. Either because you want to lose weight, build lean muscles, or because you just want to stay Keto.

Here you can rest assured that buying a Keto protein powder only containing 300 grams in each container is going to be a pricey experience.

Best protein when buying in bulk

How about getting 10 LBS of Optimum Whey Gold Standard for as little as $134.99? Ordinarily Optimum Whey prices at $197.99 but right now you can save $63 on this supplement?

With Optimum Whey Gold Standard, you are going to get high value and a high-quality instantized protein supplement that you easily can combine with your Keto diet.

Optimum Whey is among the best protein shake for Keto diet. It tastes delicious and doesn’t clumb.

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Protein Powders To Avoid When Going On A Keto Diet

It is not all protein powders and supplements that are suitable for your Keto diet. As a golden rule, you must make sure that your protein content is as high as possible and preferable around 25 grams per scoop of protein. The Carbohydrate content should not extend 5 grams per scoop.

Meal Replacement Supplements Keto Protein Powder?

Meal replacement supplements usually are not suite for a Keto diet. Because they are supposed to replace a regular meal, their content is way too high when it comes to carbohydrates, often as much as 23 per 100 grams.

Remember with an effective Keto diet; you must get your daily Carbohydrate intake down to less than 5%.

Hard Gainer Protein Supplements as Keto Protein Powder?

Hard Gainers are often used in the world of bodybuilding when thin guys want to pack on some serious lean muscle mass.

Usually, you take two scoops with each serving and get around 50 grams of proteins and 50 grams of carbohydrates. It is way too many carbohydrates and calories for you Keto Diet. Hard Gainer supplements don’t qualify to be a Keto protein powder.

We mentioned them because people often do go wrong. They buy a Hard Gainer supplement because they believe it is a regular protein supplement, so watch out.

Best Protein Powder For The Ketonic Diet

You see, there are quite a few options available when choosing a Keto diet whey protein, or if you are more into plant-based Keto diet protein powders.

And again, you don’t have to pay a fortune for a Keto diet protein powder! There are plenty of options available; you just have to make sure you choose a recognized brand and a quality protein product.

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