Maximum Male – Boost Testosterone and Male Health With The Forgotten Hormone!

Maximum Male from Alpha Male Labs is the supplement you want to learn about if you want to improve your health.

With this testosterone booster, you will improve your libido, stamina, erectile function, and overall sexual health. It is also the supplement to use if you want to lose body fat and build lean muscles.

Overall, Maximum Male needs your attention if you are serious about your male health, and want to improve. It is the supplement to own if you know about the importance of testosterone. Are you ready to take your life serious as a man?

It needs your attention even more if you have already tried a testosterone booster, but without getting the results, you were hoping!

Maximum Male Review

You see, Maximum Male comes with one advantage, a secret knowledge, that 99% of the other testosterone boosters don’t know anything about.

The makers, Alpha Male Labs, knows about the importance of the forgotten hormone estradiol and how it affects your testosterone levels. It is the secret hormone that determines whether your testosterone boosting experience was a success or a failure?

After reading this article, you will know about estradiol, the forgotten hormone too and why you must consider using Maximum Male to get started improving your male health.

The Maximum Male Benefits

Before we get into it, let’s have a quick overview on some of the benefits you will get from using Maximum Male.

  • Increase your testosterone levels.
  • Increase your estradiol levels to the perfect ratio
  • Block estrogen levels
  • Improve erectile function and get erections that will last longer
  • Get a better libido and stamina
  • Lose weight and get rid of body fat
  • Enhance your energy, focus, and levels of concentration
  • Build lean muscle mass and strength
  • Improve overall male health and release your inner alpha male

Who Is Maximum Male For?

Testosterone is the essential hormone in the male body and will give you so many benefits as a man. It means most men between the age of 25 up to 80 will get benefits from using Maximum Male.

Let’s have a closer look at some of these benefits!

If You Want to Build Lean Muscles and Strength

It sucks working out hard in the gym, and everyone else, except you, is packing on lean muscles, strength, and getting in shape.

If you know for sure that you are pushing your muscles hard enough to stimulate growth and that you are getting a protein rich diet? Then your lack of muscle growth is due to lower levels of testosterone!

Don’t fall into the belief that it is your high metabolism and genetics that causes your lack of muscle mass. Even if it was, boosting your testosterone levels will stimulate muscle growth.

Maximum Male will boost your levels of testosterone and estradiol making it easier to build lean muscles.

If You Want to Improve Your Sexual Health

Lack of sex drive, libido, and stamina can bring even biggest alpha male down on his knees. A man’s sexual health connects tight to his level of confidence and self-esteem, much more than a woman.

So if you are a man, who want to stand out, being the Alpha, your performance is essential. Not only to your partner but also to you and your confidence.

Also, keep in mind, a woman’s sex drive tends to increase with age, it means she will highly appreciate that you still can suit her needs when you get older.

Maximum Male gives you all the ingredients you need to get your libido and stamina back.

If You Are Having Issues With Your Erections

Imagine this? You want it, and you want it badly, you are ready for sexual intercourse with a hot chick! But apparently, your male hood have different thoughts and opinions about the potential possibility of getting laid. It doesn’t erect at all. It just stays flat, and it feels like you don’t have any pulse going into it at all!

Remember, it is not necessarily erectile dysfunction you are suffering from, especially not if you have your daily morning erections. But, for sure feels like it and it is not fun.

Maximum Male will help you to solve this issue and give some significant improvements of your erections and the ability to get them. It is thanks to ingredients like Epimedium which is the natural ingredient to treat ED, erectile dysfunction. We will talk more about the Maximum Male ingredients and Epimedium a little later.

If You Want to Lose Weight

Ken T Before and After Using Maximum Male

For sure you can go on one of these low-calorie diets that your wife recommend you to go on. But you may risk that your weight loss project will backfire on you. Remember, as a male you must feed your muscles with essential nutrients such as proteins, to keep them bigger and stronger, ff your muscles start to shrink you will slow down your calorie burn and risk a weight gain.

A traditional low-calorie diet is often not suited to a man because it lacks essential nutrients to maintain your muscle mass. So when you are creating a calorie deficit believing it will make you lose weight, you are burning away important muscle mass, that otherwise would burn calories.

To lose weight as a man, one of your top priorities is to maintain and even build lean muscle mass. It will increase your calorie burn, and that way makes it easier to lose weight. Besides that, the extra muscles will also make you look good.

Since Maximum Male is a testosterone booster, it will make it easier to maintain the muscle mass you got already and to build new lean muscles. Just make sure you get at least 30 grams of proteins in each of your males and your daily capsules of Maximum Male.

If You Have Low Levels of Concentration and Energy

Low levels of testosterone are not only a problem to your sexual health and muscles. Lack of testosterone will also drain you from energy and lack of concentration. It is a problem if you prefer to be an active person or are having a job with a lot of responsibilities.

Higher levels of testosterone and other ingredients in Male Health will boost your levels of energy and improve your focus and concentration. It will enhance your performance, so you will get things done and perform outstandingly at work.

Why Do You want to Use a Testosterone Booster Like Alpha Male Labs Maximum Male?


Using testosterone replacement therapy injections is an effective way to raise your levels. However, there are specific risks involved using this method. These risks will increase the unhealthier you are. And, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are.

A recent study from UCLA found that men who take testosterone replacement drugs have twice as many heart attacks and blood clots1 as men who don’t.

If you are a young guy who wants to increase muscle mass by using steroids, you will not only risk getting heart attacks; you may also end up shutting down your natural testosterone production forever.

Increase Your Levels of Testosterone Naturally

So instead of going for the quick fix solution that carries a lot of risks! How about using the safer method where you improve your body’s ability to produce all the testosterone you need, naturally?

It is way better because you will not risk any blood clotting or heart attacks. And for the guy who wants to build lean muscles using testosterone, you will not risk shutting down your natural steroid production or risk any of the side effects.

To boost your testosterone levels naturally Alpha Male Laps Maximum Male is a perfect choice. It will give you the right ingredients to raise your levels. It will help you to get your libido back, build lean muscles, lose weight and improve your overall health.

The One Thing That Makes Maximum Male Unique

Honestly, there are plenty of male enhancement supplements out there that will give you some of the same benefits as Maximum Male. Many of them even come with some of the same ingredients that will help you with the same issues.

However, there is one thing where Maximum Male stands out, one benefit that probably makes Maximum Male a little bit better than competing supplements.

The Forgotten Hormone – Estradiol

The Forgotten Hormone Estradiol

According to Jim Bard, the maker of Maximum Male, your testosterone levels doesn’t decrease with age. In fact, they don’t have anything to do with lack of sex drive, libido, erectile function and muscle loss!

What decreases in the male body with age are your levels of a hormone named estradiol, a form of estrogen the primary female sex hormone. It is lack of Estradiol that is causing your sex drive, libido, and stamina levels to drop and your fat levels to increase!

These claims don’t come out of the blue air; they are supported by scientific studies done by Dr. Joel Finkelstein from Mass General Hospital.

He and his team investigated testosterone and estradiol levels in 400 men with age between 20 and 50 years of age. All 400 men received a testosterone gel, but half of the men also received estradiol with their gel.

The results showed that men who both received testosterone and estradiol by far had the most significant gains in lean muscle mass, size, and strength. On top of that, it was only the estradiol group of men who also experienced a fat loss and an increase of the libido and erectile function.

The research was so surprised that it was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the article “Gonadal Steroids and Body Composition, Strength, and Sexual Function in Men2“, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world.

Maximum Male Different From Other Testosterone Boosters

So what makes Maximum Male different compared to other testosterone boosters?

Most testosterone enhancing supplements are created in a way that they will boost your testosterone levels as much as possible. It is the common belief that the more testosterone you can squeeze out of a supplement the better results!

But according to, the study of Dr. Joel Finkelstein and his researchers, testosterone will do very little to your body if no estradiol is present.

It is why Maximum Male is different from other testosterone boosters. You will get the right ingredients, in the right combination, and with the dosage for better results. Using Maximum Male, you will get the right combination that will make your body produce more testosterone and estradiol, at the same time.

What About Estrogen Conversion?

Here is another tricky point where Maximum Male stands out. It is true that too much testosterone will convert into estrogen and you somehow must block estrogen from your body.

Most testosterone boosters on the market can be pretty active just pumping out testosterone in your body with no limits. But, it means a significant part of that testosterone will convert into estrogen and cancel out any further testosterone production.

Other testosterone boosters come with an estrogen-blocking ingredient like Chrysin or similar. It is good because they do block higher estrogen levels. But doing so and you might end up canceling out your estradiol production making your supplement less effective.

Alpha Male Labs Maximum Male have done their research and considered this issue. Besides the four main ingredients that will boost your testosterone levels. You are also going to get six supporting ingredients that will make sure you will get the testosterone and estradiol ratio just right.

To create a powerful testosterone booster that works and will give you the results you want this ratio must be around 20:1, else you will get disappointed, Maximum Male knows that, and 99% of all testosterone boosters don’t.

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The Maximum Male 4 Main Ingredients

So, how is all this possible? It all boils down to the ingredients you are getting using Maximum Male. You are going to get four main ingredients that have in common that they will both produce testosterone and estradiol.

Besides the main ingredients, you are also going to get six supporting ingredients that will enhance the effects of the main ingredients and give you a couple of extra benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is one of the most popular testosterone boosting supplements available.

In a study from 2012 published in the AYU showed that men who took Tribulus Terrestris regularly, had a 78.11% improvement in their Sexual Health, together with a 16.3% increase of testosterone levels3. Later studies have confirmed these numbers and even showed an increase of testosterone of up to 52%.

The good news about Tribulus Terrestris is that it also helps your body to produce more estradiol. According to a 2013 study published in the International Journal of Fertility and Sterility, taking Tribulus Terrestris for 21 days led to an increase of estradiol production enough to help treat ED patients4.


Fenugreek is another testosterone boosting ingredient similar to Tribulus Terrestris. Combined these two are probably the most potent testosterone combo you can get.

There are plenty of scientific studies available to support the claims of Fenugreek. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and showed that taking Fenugreek frequently will increase your testosterone levels and lead to significant improvement of muscle mass and power5. Other studies have also demonstrated the Fenugreek will increase sexual arousal and orgasms.

As with Tribulus Terrestris, there are also numerous studies available supporting the claim that Fenugreek also will increase your levels of estradiol and that way give you better male health results.


Is also known as Horny Goat Weed, and is helpful when it comes to erectile dysfunction and other erection problems. Epimedium enhances your blood flow to the penis and will improve your staying power.

Second, it is also an ingredient that will improve testosterone levels and convert some of that T into estradiol. Epimedium is a great ingredient to get when it comes to both sexual health improvement and muscle building.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Several double-blind, placebo and randomized studies have shown that Eurycoma Longifolia can improve your overall erectile function, libido, and the quality of your semen6.

Eurycoma Longifolia is also a testosterone booster and just like with the other ingredients, this one is also able to increase your levels of estradiol and give more useful results than similar ingredients.

Dennis R before and after. Another happy user of Maximum Male

The 6 Supporting Ingredients

As we mentioned earlier, to make this work it is essential to get a testosterone and estradiol ratio of 20:1, else you will either produce too much testosterone that will convert into estrogen or not getting enough estradiol to make your testosterone useful.

The primary function of the six supporting ingredients is to get the 20:1 testosterone estradiol ratio just right and to make you a happy customer with a couple of other benefits.

These ingredients are:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Coleus Forskohlii
  • D Aspartic Acid
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Bioperine
  • Boron

They will give you a wide range of benefits such as fat loss, improve blood flow, enhancement libido and stamina and a lot more.

Alpha Male Labs Maximum Male Review

One thing we like about Alpha Male Labs Maximum Male is that you are not going to see a traditional sales page with a couple of hot women and a young stud. The inventor of Maximum Male has made an explainer video where he describes the exact reasons why you should get started using this male enhancement supplement. Here you will learn more about the benefits, the ingredients, and the exact science behind this powerful male enhancement supplement.

Another thing I like about Maximum Male is the combination of ingredients. They have decided to divide them into four main ingredients and six supporting ones that power up the main ingredients and give some additional benefits.

Maybe the most significant benefit of them all using Maximum Male is that among the four main ingredients, you are getting both Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek. They are after my opinion the two most potent testosterone boosters on the market.

When it comes to the buying process, Alpha Male Labs offers you a 180 days full money guarantee. The promise you to return your money, if you are not happy with the results, even without returning the bottles. It means you have nothing to lose from buying Maximum Male.

If we have to say something less positive about Alpha Mals Labs Maximum Male, it is that there is nothing new about the ingredients. We have seen them all in other supplements in other combinations, so there are no secret sauce ingredients in Maximum Male. But it is important to notice that

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How to Buy Maximum Male

If you want to Buy Maximum Male the best place to do so is at the official manufacturer. Before buying you will be taken through an explainer video that will explain precisely why Maximum Male is a better choice. You will also learn more about the benefit and exactly how this male enhancement and health supplement will help you with your issues.

Can You Buy Maximum Male At Amazon, Walmart, or GNC?

Currently, Maximum Male is not available at Amazon, Walmart, or at GNC! Jim Bard, the maker of Maximum Male, wishes to provide his customers with the best possible support. Besides that buying directly enables you to a 180-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Amazon, Walmart, or GNC cannot offer you the same benefit or prices for that matter.

Discreet Packaging

There are no reasons why you should share your male health issues with the rest of the world! It is why your Maximum Male package will be delivered in discreet packaging.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As we just mentioned earlier, Alpha Male Labs Maximum Male offers you 180-day money back guarantee. So, in case you don’t like the product you just give them a call or send them an email and they will provide you with a refund. They say that you don’t even have to return the bottles.

But remember, this offer is only available for a short period as an introduction to Maximum Male. Soon they will return to a 30-day Money Back guarantee like any other.

It is probably a good reason to act now if you are interested.

Any Discounts?

As a part of this introductory offer on Maximum Male, you can currently get one bottle for just $69. When the introduction period is finished, the price will go up to $147 for one bottle.

Remember, you can even save more on Maximum Male if you decide to buy in bulk. How about saving $600 and turn the next 6-months into an all about YOU period? Perform a full male health recover and get six bottles of Maximum Male for as little as $49 per bottle?

Before you buy remember to check Jim Bard video about Maximum Male, it is some amazing stuff you will get using Maximum Male!

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Get a special offer on Maximum Male

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