NiacinMax Review – Does it Work For Your Muscle Building?

NiacinMax For Your Muscle BuildingNiacinmax is a muscle building supplement that is entirely different from what you are used too! No longer is it about swallowing capsules, for then to wait 30 minutes, an hour or even longer to let the supplement kick in.

NiacinMax makes your muscle building and strength a whole lot easier! Put a strip on your tongue and let the ingredients kick in within a couple of minutes, pure and simple!

In this review, we are going to describe exactly why you want to use NiacinMax to build lean muscles, strength, and to improve your athletic performance.

Is this too good to be true? Or is there some solid science facts available supporting this supplement?

NiacinMax Benefits

First, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits you will get using NiacinMax as an important part of your muscle building arsenal.

  • Increase you Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels by 600% for faster and bigger muscle growth.
  • Improve your red blood cell production for better nutrient and oxygen delivery.
  • Speed up your recovery so you can be back working out faster.
  • Makes you burn body fat faster.
  • Give you a better oxygen flow to your brain. It gives you better concentration and focus.
  • Get 75 mg Pure Niacin delivered right on your tongue for faster delivery to your bloodstream.

What is NiacinMax?

Niacin is a new type of supplement that will deliver it’s ingredients to your body on a stick you put on your tongue. With its exclusive Liposomal Encapsulated delivery system, you will be able to absorb the ingredients in a matter of minutes.

It means the supplement will be far more useful and powerful, nothing will be wasted as it happens with conventional supplements.

Niacin Max box

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What NiaxinMax Will Do For You

Niacin is the active ingredient here, and it will give you a lot of health benefits besides boosting your muscle building, strength, and endurance.

One of the greatest advantages you will get using NiacinMax is that it will increase your levels of Human Growth Hormone, a hormone very vital for your muscle building.

Human Growth Hormone and NiacinMax

Human Growth Hormone is one of the six essential hormones you need for your muscle building. The more you get of HGH naturally, the better it is.

High levels of growth will make it easier for you to build lean muscles and strength. HGH is also a great fat burner that will help you to get rid of stubborn body fat hiding your muscles. You can rest assure that high levels of growth hormones will give you that shredded look.

Niacin Max Increases Your Red Blood Cell Production

Niacin also improves your red blood cell production so your nitric oxide levels will go up. It means it will get easier to transport oxygen and nutrient out to your muscles so that they can recover and grow faster.

NiacinMax Gives You a Big Boost Before Your Workouts

Here the benefits of Niacin Max comes into play. Taking this supplement before your workout will give you a real boost that will make you a good level of energy and improved delivery to your muscles. If your fat percentage is low enough, you can see it because you veins get pumped and stand out.

Improves Nitric Oxide Levels for Better Recovery

Higher nitric oxide also gives you a better recovery both between exercises and gym visits. It means you can stay more focused on your gym for a longer period without resting too much.

NiacinMax Compared to Regular Supplements

It is far more efficient to let your supplement absorb on your tongue and then enter your bloodstream than it is to swallow capsules. Not only is it more convenient, but it is also a whole lot faster.

The Journey of Regular Supplements

When you take a natural supplement in the form of pills or capsules the ingredients, have a long journey ahead. First, they have to reach your stomach to digest a process that may take up to 4 hours.

After that, a lot of these ingredients will get destroyed or excreted by free radicals, nutrients, and bacteria in your stomach. If you are lucky,  max of 20% of the ingredients from the capsules you took will survive and enter your body’s cells.

The Journey of NiacinMax

When you use NiacinMax on the hand other, the ingredients will bypass your stomach and travel thru your bloodstream directly into your cells. On that trip, the components will be protected, and you can expect an uptake of ingredients into your muscles of 90% compared to the 20% from the regular capsules.

NiacinMax Uptake

The results will be a much faster and efficient of ingredients that will improve your muscle building, strength, endurance, and stamina.

How to Use NiacinMax for Best Results

The manufacturer recommends you to take NiacinMax first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then workout 3 to 4 hours later. It is likely impossible for most guys because of school and work.

I suggest you take this supplement between 2 and 3 hours before your work no matter what time of the day it is, on an empty stomach.

If you like to have a pre-workout meal or protein shake before your workout, I will do that after I have used the NiacinMax strip.

Use On an Empty Stomach is Important

Using NiacinMax on an empty stomach is crucial because it will give you a better HGH release because no nutrients will interfere. The presence of fatty acids may stop your HGH production.

What About on Non-Workout Days?

If you are on a budget, you can skip taking NiacinMax on your non-workout days. However, if you are all in it will give you some benefits using the strips on resting days as well.

Taking Two NiacinMax Strips Per Day

If you are severe about your training and is working out at least five times during the week, it is beneficial to take a second strip in the evening 3 or 4 hours before bedtime. It will give you a proper release of HGH for recovery while you are at sleep.

How Comes You Get More Niacin in Capsules Than With NiacinMax?

Remember, the ingredients from swallowing capsules goes thru your stomach first before entering your bloodstream. It means you will lose around 80% of their effectiveness.

When all calculations are made, you will with NiacinMax get 45 times stronger Niacin concentration compared to using capsules.

Any Serious Side Effects?

Overall NiacinMax is very safe to take and will not cause you any serious side effects.

The Niacin Flush

A healthy, harmless side effect of taking Niacin is a red tingling flush you are going to get after taking the supplement. With Niacin Max this flush is only mild and is the only proof that it is working and Niacin is entering your body.

You might even enjoy the tingling sensation that is loading you up for a good workout in the gym.


Not Toxifying Your Liver

Using conventional supplements, Niacin can be quite hard on your liver if taken over a longer period. Because NiacinMax is delivered straight into your bloodstream, it will bypass your liver and will not cause any toxicity.

Does NiacinMax Really Work or is it Too Good to Be True?

To answer whether if NiacinMax works or not there are four primary matters we have to address.

First, does absorption thru your tongue work when it comes to taking supplements?

Second, can Niacin improve your Human Growth Hormone levels?

Third, can Niacin improve your nitric oxide levels?

And finally, Does higher levels of HGH have any impact on your muscle building?

Absorption Thru Your Tongue

There are plenty of scientific proof that absorption thru your tongue help you to take up supplements faster in your body. This approach is also called Sublingual Administration and is widely used in medicine.

Can Niacin Increase Your HGH Levels?

Yes, there are a couple of studies supporting this claim. One of them is the HJ Quabbe: Growth Hormone, Cortisol and Glucagon Study where humans were given 500 mg of Niacin and noticed an extreme rise of HGH levels.

But remember, the best way to increase your HGH levels is a combination of exercising, healthy dieting and using Niacin.

Does NiacinMax Increase Your Levels of Red Blood Cells?

Yes, and not only that it expand your blood vessels as well, so you can push more oxygen and nutrients out to your muscles. When you get the niacin flush, it is because it expands your blood vessels all over your body. It is very beneficial for your muscle building, strength, and athletic performance.

You only have to be sure to get “real” niacin you are getting from NiacinMax and not nicotinamide.

There are several studies available that niacin supports the increase of red blood cells. It will also lower your cholesterol levels and help you to get rid of clogged arteries that may cause serious heart diseases later on in life. Check out this link for more information

Can Higher Levels of HGH Improve my Muscle Building, Strength, and Athletic Performance?

Yes, it is widely known in athletic and bodybuilding circles that higher levels of human growth hormone will benefit your muscles building, strength, athletic performance and fat burning.

Check out this link to see a complete list of studies supporting this claim.

NiacinMax Review

When you are into muscle building and serious with your supplements, it can become pretty tiring to swallow all these capsules all the time. Here NiacinMax and their strips highly welcome as a new approach using supplements. With the fresh taste of lime, it will almost feel like a mouth cleaner.

We also like that some real scientific studies are supporting the claims that NiacinMax can help you to increase your HGH, Red blood, and Nitric Oxide levels and that way can help you to build more lean muscles.

Pros and Cons Using NiacinMax

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons using NiacinMax.

Pros Using NiacinMax

  • Fast absorption that gives you a far more efficient supplement
  • Easier to use than capsules
  • Plenty of scientific studies supporting the claims
  • No side effects
  • 67-days money back guarantee
  • Superb support available

Cons Using NiacinMax

  • Have not been approved by the FDA
  • I was hoping more important muscle building ingredients like L-Arginine and Creatine are included

How to Buy NiacinMax

The best way to buy NiacinMax is directly from the manufacturer using this special link we have provided you. It ensures that you are getting the original product with ingredients that are 100% pure and genuine. Remember, buying from our link entitles you to the best customer support and a 67-day money back guarantee.

Save Money By Buying in Bulk

Bear in mind that you can obtain significant savings on NiacinMax by purchasing in bulk. An example, buy 90 sticks and get 60 for free on top on your order.

Also, remember that NiacinMax offers fast and free shipping worldwide.

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How to Buy Niacin Max and Save Money