Magna-RX Plus – Male Enhancement Made By Doctors But Does It Work?

Is Magna-RX Plus worth your effort and your money? Can it help you get better erections and what about your male health overall?

In this Magna-RX review, we are going to take a closer look at Magna-RX Plus, how it works and exactly what benefits you will get from using it.

The Benefits

What benefits can you expect from Magna-RX Plus? Let’s take a quick look at some of them according to the manufacturer.

  • Naturally, enhance your penis
  • Harder, longer lasting erections
  • Boot your sexual confidence and self-esteem
  • Satisfy your lover like never before
  • No pumps or injections
  • No prescription necessary
  • All-Natural
  • Doctor endorsed

What Is Magna-RX Plus?

According to Magna-Rx, we are here dealing with a penis enhancement pill that has helped more than 1 million men around the world, with sexual performance and confidence over the past five years.

With Magna-RX Plus you are going to get a male enhancement pill that is going to help you with your performance in just a few weeks.

It means you will be able to get better erections, a more extended staying power and a good boost over your overall libido and stamina.

How Does Magna-RX Plus Work?

They way  Magna-RX Plus works is very similar to other male enhancement supplements like Vyantix RX, Vasoplexx and Male Extra.

Your penis consists of three-cylinder shaped champers. The two Corpora Cavernosum champers, and the Corpus spongiosum, That will be filled with blood during an erection. It is the expansion and the capability to hold blood within these three cylinders that determine the quality of your erections.

The more you can hold, the bigger the erections. The longer you can keep blood in your champers, the better-staying power you will have.

With time and when you keep taking Magna-RX, you will be able to stretch these champers so you will improve the amount of blood they can make. It is a process that is similar to when you are training your muscles. The more you train your muscles, the better the pump of blood are you going to make.

In long terms, this development and improvement of blood flow also mean that you will improve your ejaculations and get better orgasms. It is possible because of a better developed nervous system that happens when you can pump more blood.

Does This Also Mean A Bigger Penis?

Unfortunately, the size of your penis stays the same when it is not erect. But I guess it doesn’t matter as long as your performance is much better. Unless of course, you are a nudist and extended to show it off.

So keep mind that your blood will run back into your bloodstream when your penis is no longer erect. There is no ingredient in Magna-RX Plus that can give you a bigger penis, only better erections.

The Background Story Of Magna-RX Plus

Today there are tons of male enhancement supplements out there that are literally the same, except for the name. Often the makers of male enhancement supplements buy some proprietary blends that are already made, label it and start selling it under a unique name.

The background story of Magna-RX Plus is different. Here you are getting a supplement that is made from a real doctor named George Aguilar, MD. Here is a certified Urologist and before he created Magna-RX he has been treating more than 20,000 men with erectile dysfunction problems, and that gained quite a knowledge regarding men’s sexual health issues.

George Aguilar created Magna-RX throughout ten months where he was giving 1,000 of his patients’ different male enhancing ingredients, to see which found work and in what combination.

The results of this work were the unique formula of Magna-RX Plus, a proprietary blend of power and 100% all- natural ingredients.

Magna-RX reviews

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The Ingredients

So what is it that makes Magna-RX unique and worth a shot if you want to improve your male health? Let’s have a quick view of some of the ingredients.

Pygeum Bark

Pygeum gives you a little bit of everything. It raises your levels of libido, and stamina and a slight increase in testosterone.

As a secondary benefit, it will also promote prostate health and might be able to slow down baldness progression.

Maca Root

Maca is excellent when it comes to improving your sperm count and the quality of it. So you better watch out if you are not interested in making babies.

It is also a herb that acts as an aphrodisiac that will make potential partners more interested in you.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat is a very popular herb and widely used in many male enhancement supplements due to its effectiveness.

It is a great herb to get when you want to do something about erectile dysfunction and want an increase in testosterone.

Oat Straw

Oats doesn’t really carry any benefits to your sexual health directly. But it is a great antioxidant that will remove toxins from your body and that way improve your male functions.

Oyster Meat

Oyster meat will improve your sex drive and make you more passionate about having sex. Oysters are the most exotic food you can imagine, and it is almost guaranteed sex.


If you feel like not wanting to have sex at all, then Catuaba is for you. It is a herb that will improve your libido, and stamina and get your sexual health back on track.

Asian Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most trusted herbs you can get your fingers in when it comes to improving male and sexual health. With Ginseng you will get help to treat erectile dysfunction and help with your erections in general

Ginseng will also help improve your testosterone levels.


L-Arginine is what you want when you want to improve your erections and get better blood flow.  It is an amino acid that raises the nitric oxide levels and in return will give you a better blood flow and pump. It means more blood can flow to the Corpora cavernosal champers of your penis.

Stinging Nettle

Nettle is a testosterone booster with a different approach. Instead of helping your testicles to produce more testosterone naturally, Stinging Nettle inhibits SHGB from functioning. It is a protein that attaches itself to testosterone making it less powerful.

Muira Puama

With Muira Puama you are going to get a testosterone booster that will increase your levels.

As a secondary benefit, this herb will also give you better libido, and stamina.

Orchic Substance

Orchic Substance will improve your levels of testosterone and promote the health of your testicles.


Cayenne is really not so much about sexual health but your health in general. It is a great fat burner getting rid of body fat by raising your metabolism.


Here is a great herb when it comes to better libido and stamina. However, it will also give your overall male health and immune system a good boost.


One thing is getting your libido, stamina, and sexual health back! But can you stand the distance or will you run out of the air in the middle of the sexual act?

Astragalus will increase your sexual energy levels and at the same time benefit your heart function.


Pumpkin is a great source when it comes to the mineral zinc. You need that to be able to produce testosterone and also semen. Zinc is an essential compound in both.


Licorice will improve your testosterone levels and other sex hormones overall.

The above are the ingredients you are going to get using Magna-RX Plus. It is a right combination of testosterone boosters and herbs that will help you increase your sex drive, libido, as well as stamina.

You can learn a lot more about these ingredients in our herbs for testosterone and herbs for better erections article

Magna-RX Plus Review

So far in this Magna-RX Plus review, we have taken a closer look at the ingredients, the story of Magna-RX, and how it works.

The big question is of course, is it worth your effort and your money?

Here in our Magna-RX review part, let’s have a closer look at if it works at all.

Does Magna-RX Plus Work?

So, the big question is, does Magna-RX Plus work? Are the ingredients powerful enough to make a difference speaking of your male and sexual health?

With Magna-RX you are getting quite a few ingredients, so there is nothing wrong with the value you are getting for your money.

Many of these ingredients like Muira Puama, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, and Ginseng does come with plenty of scientific studies supporting their claims.

No Overnight Results Using Magna-RX

If you decide to get started using Magna-RX Plus, it is essential that you don’t expect any overnight results. It will take a few weeks before you will feel any difference to your male health. Also, remember that your actual condition will also play a part. For some guys, it is easier to improve their male health than it is for others.

So if you get started using Magna-RX, I highly encourage you to combine it with a healthy diet and some exercise. Why not perform a total overhaul and make yourself healthier while you are at it?

What about The Ingredients?

Well, some of them are effective, others are kind of a waste. I cannot see any reasons why ingredients like Cayenne and Oat Straw are on the Magna-RX Plus ingredient list. Our goal here is not to burn body fat. And when it comes to out straw, you are getting the same effect or better by having oatmeal.

Instead, I would like to have seen an ingredient such as Fenugreek or some Tribulus Terrestris to speed your levels of testosterone.

Finally, it is important to notice that Magna-RX Plus is very similar to Vyantix RX a male enhancement supplement we have reviewed earlier here at

Magna-RX Review Overall

The most significant advantage of buying Magna-RX is the many ingredients you are getting. Many male enhancement supplements cost the same but only give you half the ingredients.

A disadvantage of Magna-RX is that I cannot see that the choice of ingredients is unique. Most of them are widely used in other male enhancement supplements, except for Pygeum Bark that is used instead of Saw Palmetto.

However, it does not necessarily mean that Magna-RX is a bad supplement.

How To Buy Magna-RX Plus

If you want to buy Magna-RX Plus, you will do it from the official Magna-RX Plus website.

Magna-Rx is not available in any brick and mortar store near you. It is not available at Walmart or GNC either.

It is important to notice that you cannot buy Magna-RX at Amazon or eBay either. Sorry guys, the only place to buy Magna RX is at their official website.

Benefits From Buying Directly At Magna-RX

Buying directly from the official Magna-RX Plus website is much better. First and foremost because you will be able to get great saving when buying in bulk.

Another benefit of buying directly is that you will get much better customer support. A support that knows about Magna-RX and what type of issues you are dealing with.

The Magna-RX Plus Price

The price of one bottle of Magna-RX Plus is $59.95, and it covers a month supply.

But you can get some significant savings if you are opt-in for a bigger package which you will need anyway if you are serious about your male health.

To learn more about how to get significant savings and to learn a lot more about Magna-RX Plus just click on the link below. It will take you to a special page of Magna-RX Plus.

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How to buy Magna-RX Plus and get great savings

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