5 Tips for Skinny Guys to Build Lean Muscles and Gain Weight

5 tips for skinny guys to build lean muscles and gain weightGood news for skinny guys who want to gain some weight in the form of lean muscle mass and strength.

Building lean muscles and strength is not an impossible task to do even if you are a skinny guy. You just need to do a couple of things differently and put some more focus on mainly your diet and how you train.

It is exactly what we are going to teach you in this article. Now we are going to give you five tips for skinny guys to build lean muscles.

Tips that will make you gain weight in the form of pure muscle mass, and will ensure that you get that nice shredded look where your muscles are standing.

1. Stick With Compound Exercises and Moves

Forget about wasting your time pulling cables in different directions and spend 6 minutes in training your upper arms. The big classic compound exercises are the way forward here. Getting big, is a question of involving as much muscle mass as possible, and forget about isolation exercises.

The compound exercises you need to put your attention on are as follow:

  • Squats
  • Bench press
  • Pulldowns
  • Deadlift
  • Lunges
  • Military

Remember that you can always perform compound exercises in different ways and either with barbells or dumbbells.

The Form is Important

When you are starting out, it is important that you spend some time on getting the form right. It is so easy to make the mistake that will be difficult to get rid of later in the process or errors that can lead to injuries.

So talk to an instructor at your local gym or hire a trainer for a few sessions to get things set up right for you.

2. Lift Heavy and to Exhaustion

If you want some serious gain you need to lift heavy; it is as simple as that. Forget about doing 15 to 20 repetition for each set in every exercise. Focus on a rep range of between 6 and 12 reps in each set. Yes, sometimes you should even go as low as 3 to 4 reps and exhaust yourself.

When it comes to how many sets you should be doing 4 is a good number. However, it is a good idea to do a couple of warmup sets for the first few exercises. Here you would typically do one or two warmup sets followed by 4 working sets.

3. Keep a Tight Focus On Your Diet

A lot of guys are going to envy you when it comes to your diet. You will have to keep your calorie intake high to be able to build lean muscle mass and strength

You will have to keep your calorie intake high to be able to create lean muscle mass and strength. You will need not only proteins but also a lot of carbohydrates and fats to build your size. It is wrong to believe that you only need proteins to grow lean muscles.

Keep a Focus on Your Diet

Some guys when bulking up in size will eat whatever they want, also when it comes to ice creams and junk food.

I do not think that is a good idea because you will want to get some quality nutrients for your muscles to grow. It is also a fact that many guys are bulking up on junk food, put themselves at a risk of getting fat later on in life. You do not want that.

4. Getting the Right Supplements

Before we discuss supplements, you need to remember that supplements alone are not going to do it. they should not be the primary part of your muscle building either. Your workout, diet and sleep are way more important for you to grow lean muscles and strength.

However, supplements can be a great help when it comes to speed things up a little bit and when it comes to making sure that you are getting the right nutrients.

There are specific three types of supplements that will benefit skinny guys to grow lean muscles and strength. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Hard Gainer Protein Powders (Weight Gainers)

These protein supplements differ from regular whey protein supplements because they come with a high amount of carbohydrates as well. Using a hard gainer protein supplement can easily give you up to 1000 calories of pure muscle building nutrients, to help you to get bigger.

The best way to use a hard gainer protein supplement is to take two scoops of milk or water right after your workout.

If you have problems getting enough food during the day, you can take an extra portion during the day.

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Creatine and No2 Supplements

These types of supplements take care of one of the most common problems when it comes to building lean muscles. Your body’s ability to use nutrient to build lean muscle.


When you load your muscles with creatine, you will increase the levels of anaerobic energy stored in your muscles. This type of energy is the opposite of aerobic power and does not need any oxygen.

Anaerobic energy is very short-lived, you can typically feel it when you lift weights, and your muscles get fatigue. Creatine will expend the time anaerobic energy is active which means you will be able to lift longer and harder without getting fatigue.

The result is that you will be able to build more lean muscles and strength.

No2 – Nitric Oxide

Higher levels of nitric oxide mean that your blood vessels will be able to carry more nutrients out to your muscles, so they can recover faster and have more material to build lean muscles.

How No2 Supplements Work

We recommend you to use No Max Shred if you want to get a better nutrient uptake. It is simply one of the most powerful combo supplements when we are talking about creatine and No2 supplements.

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Testosterone Boosters

Sometimes the main reason you are skinny and are not gaining any lean muscle mass is that you have low levels of testosterone. There can be a lot of reason for this, but before you turn into anabolic steroids and risks a lot of side effects, you need to know that there are a few things you can do yourself to get your T levels back up.

First of all, make sure to get some whole eggs in the morning. A lot of guys only eat egg whites for breakfast in the morning. The yolk comes with a lot of good nutrients, including cholesterol which is needed to produce testosterone.

Also, make sure to get plenty of zinc in your diet, it is another ingredient needed to produce testosterone.

Finally, you need to take a closer look at testosterone boosters. Not that they are the overall solution, but they can help you to get your testosterone levels back up.

When buying a testosterone booster make sure it comes with Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris, both are very potent when it comes to getting your testosterone levels back in place.

HT Rush is a good solution here because it comes with both ingredients and currently there is a trial available where you have the opportunity to try it out.

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All In One Muscle Building Supplements

Using supplements for your muscle gains can become quite expensive if you want to use both protein powders, creatine, no2, and testosterone boosters. If you want to save money, then take a closer look at Muscle Boost XT, an all-around muscle building supplement that can help you to save some money.

5. Never Quit and Keep Your Motivation High

The worse thing you can do when you finally have started your muscle building journey is to stop smoking, no matter how long it is going to take you.

Keep Your Motivation High

On your way to building the body of your dreams, so will meet some challenges that you need to overcome. But remember it is all about learning on your way, and you will be able to progress.

Guys like Phil Heath or Ronnie Coleman, two of the greatest bodybuilders of all times, did their trial and errors on their journey to call themselves Mr. Olympia.

So remember always to keep your motivation high and never quit.

Final Word on 5 Tips for Skinny Guys to Build Lean Muscles and Strength

So if you want to use these five tips for skinny guys to build lean muscles and strength with, you for sure will be on your way to building some good solid muscle mass that will last.

Also, remember the two most important tips are regarding your workout and your diet.

Good Luck.